Following the further relaxation of government guidelines the Committee have agreed that it should be possible to make the Club Hut available for members' use, including the dormitory accommodation, under certain conditions. This is a trial to see if it can be made to work OK - the system will be open to modification if needed.


  1. Those using the Hut will have the use of all facilities, including the dormitory accommodation inside the Hut.
  2. Use of the Hut is restricted exclusively to a family group led by one of our own members or to a group of up to 6 people, led by one of our own members, who form an official "bubble" as per current government guidelines. Non-members may only use the Hut if they are part of a group booking made by a member.
  3. The member must arrange in advance, with the Booking Secretary, , for a specified number of nights for their group exclusively - there will be an interval of a minimum of 72 hours between bookings. Members must not use the hut without confirmation of a booking from the Booking Secretary. A list of current confirmed bookings will be posted on the club website along with a copy of the guidelines and a copy of the Additional Guidelines will be sent to anyone who makes a booking.
  4. Please do not call at the Club Hut for a day visit or to collect tackle without first checking with the Booking Secretary.
  5. If you need to collect tackle, please first contact the Tackle Master, Keith Slatcher as there will be some guidelines about washing and returning tackle after use.

Why the restrictions?

Unfortunately we cannot just open the Hut to all members at any time because we are stymied by the government guidelines on shared cooking and washing/toilet facilities. There is no way we can get round these current guidelines about shared cooking facilities and, given the layout of the washroom/toilets and the small washroom and showers in the Changing Room, we can't think of a way round it without a major re-build.

Current Bookings


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